Adults with Disabilities Receive COVID-19 Vaccine After Governor’s Eligibility Update

By Heather Honaker

Hayden Christie rolls up his sleeve for his first Pfizer shot on Wednesday at Rock Region METRO’s COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic.

On Monday, March 8, Arkansas’ Governor Asa Hutchinson expanded 1B COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

At long last after a year, adults with disabilities and their families are resting a little easier knowing that this population can now find some protection against a virus that has been so devastating.

Katie Gregg is ready for the day she is fully vaccinated and can hang out with her friends again.

In addition to comorbidities putting this group at a higher risk to develop complications leading to long-term health issues and death, this vaccine gives peace of mind to those who care for ones who cannot make health decisions for themselves or who do not communicate in traditional ways.

Hayden Christie and Katie Gregg participated in today’s walk-up COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic outside of Rock Region METRO in downtown Little Rock. Both were excited to get their shots and put this chapter behind them, looking forward to life after they get their second shot at the end of this month.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for this shot,” says Christie who is ready to “hang out with friends and ride the METRO without getting coronavirus.” He works at Access School and uses the bus to get around town.

Gregg says, “I want to stay healthy. [I am getting the vaccine] so I won’t get COVID and am ready to see my friends and boyfriend, Gatlin.”

“I can’t wait to hug my sister again,” says Christie.

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