A Picture’s Worth

“Where is Gus?” Jack asked when he got in the car after school this week. “He’s home with your dad. Ellie and I just finished at her doctor’s appointment, and I didn’t have time to go get him before it was time to pick you up from school,” I said. He looked over the edge…

World Down Syndrome Day 3.21.22

The way you are different might be the difference that makes the world a better place. #worlddownsyndromeday #inclusionmatters #rockyoursocks #homieswithextrachromies#downsyndrome #ardownsyndrome

Cool like Elwie

I took Ellie to the eye doctor last week. Well, Ellie and Gus. They both got to go because the ice in Arkansas closed their schools. My husband was in court, so I loaded up my two emotionally unstable Tasmanian devils who only want to “do it myself, Mama” and off we went to terrorize…

Trash and Treasure

Eventually, the little clay pot broke when the new baby, Gus, pushed it over, but I was able to save the one piece with the blue paint on it.

Hand Pile

I remember spending time with only one of my grandparents. My mother’s mother. I remember what her house smelled like. I remember riding in her car with the windows down. I remember how cool the linoleum tile floor in her kitchen was that time she and I were under her long wooden table trying to…

Forget to Forgive

I certainly don’t find myself in 2022 with answers, but my focus is shifting. Instead of being mad that no one has sent the lifeboat to save me, I realize that the real question is more about how I ended up in that deep of water by myself in the first place.

Pulling it all together

I pulled my life together enough to mail Christmas cards this year. A Black Friday deal in my email inbox caught me at just the right moment, and I was able to make it happen for the first time in my whole life. I forced the kids to get dressed for a picture – what…

Moving the Goalposts

Is it giving up on the goal or is it assessing what I have actually accomplished?

Minimizing Risk

This week, the cardiologist recommended that we all hunker in again, including keeping the kids home from school. With our daughter Ellie’s track record – three hospitalizations for pneumonia this summer alone – he thinks that the odds are not in her favor if she catches any respiratory virus and that she would likely need…