Minimizing Risk

This week, the cardiologist recommended that we all hunker in again, including keeping the kids home from school. With our daughter Ellie’s track record – three hospitalizations for pneumonia this summer alone – he thinks that the odds are not in her favor if she catches any respiratory virus and that she would likely need…

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Nathan McClain, the Water-Powered Man

by Heather Honaker for Little Rock Soiree magazine Photo credit: Jason Masters After they welcomed their second son into the world, he was carried away to the hospital nursery where doctors found he had a genetic defect that would try to dictate so much of his potential throughout his life. Johnna and Alan listened to the specialists…

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Extraordinary: An Ordinary Day in the Special Life of Jacqueline Bettis

By Heather Honaker Jacqueline Bettis, born with cerebral palsy, says, “I’ve always known I stand out. But my parents taught me that regardless of my disability, I’m still a person and I’m still beautiful and I have nothing to be ashamed of.” Originally from Little Rock, she graduated from Hall High School, has an undergraduate…

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Do more, be more?

My husband has been on me for a while to do less. He says it will allow me to be more.

Special Family: Secrets to School Success

Each afternoon when I pick up my daughter from school, I get a peek into a world that is all hers. Ellie, 2, was born with Down syndrome and just this summer she started walking, eating by mouth and wowing us with new words she speaks every day — all things she has worked toward…

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Extraordinary: A Typical Day in a Special Life of Lila Morrow

Young artisan Lila used one of her favorite therapy projects to begin her first business before most kids even think about starting elementary school. Introduce us to Lila.Lila is a vibrant and active 7-year-old girl who has Down syndrome. The moment she was born, our lives changed forever. We knew Lila would have Down syndrome…

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Colleges Work to Empower Special Students

All parents worry about the future — no matter if the child is typically developing or not. Knowing that attending school and learning alongside peers is an option means every child has the opportunity to follow any dream. When I learned my daughter would be born with special needs, I started my research with parents…

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