Anxiety + Hope

“Don’t you have a kid with something wrong with it?” I was asked this week by a person I hadn’t seen in a while.

I wanted to roll my eyes and leave while waving my middle finger in the air, but I caught myself.

Forget to Forgive

I certainly don’t find myself in 2022 with answers, but my focus is shifting. Instead of being mad that no one has sent the lifeboat to save me, I realize that the real question is more about how I ended up in that deep of water by myself in the first place.

Bridge Park

Standing at just over 6 feet, I am as tall as I want to be. You won’t catch me on a ladder. I don’t like standing in a chair to change a light bulb. I have been known to get dizzy when swinging too high at the playground. Sometimes even just standing at the top of the three small steps on my front porch looking down at someone on the sidewalk, I get a little panicked.

“I don’t know how you do it.”

Resilient is a word that has been used to describe me lately. Maybe it was used before now and I wasn’t paying attention, but I am now hearing it a lot.   I have heard it so many times, in fact, that I decided to look it up in the dictionary to make sure I…