Who is the benefactor here?

If I’m honest, one thing that I am self-conscious about is what Ellie’s capacity to one day contribute to society will be. Along with the intellectual and physical delays, it would be easy for someone to look at her and see that she is different than most.

There is a camp of people out there who point out that people with disabilities are actually a drain on society because of the social services they receive and their inability to work and pay in to the system. These people usually use this argument when making a comparison to determine whose life is worth more.

A lot of times this argument stops me from saying things that I believe because of fear. In turn, I feel guilty for not standing up for what I experience to be true.

This video is a beautiful example of how everyone can contribute and how we all need each other to be our best community.

Spoiler Alert: There is no normal or perfect or typical out there to achieve. What IS out there to aspire to is truth, respect, kindness, continual learning, efforts to understand and unconditional love.

I told my typical, nearly 5 year old son today, “We are all doing the best we can in this world, Jack. My best may not look like your best, but you will find happiness in life sooner if you learn that lesson. Everyone has something to offer you. Your job is to listen and learn.”

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  1. In case it helps you imagine Ellie’s future, here are some jobs we’re considering as options for Katie. She might become a cleaner in a restaurant, a store restocker, a greeter, or another worker who keeps society running well. Society might not place high value on these jobs, but they keep things going. They’re important. Katie can fold clothes, be friendly with people, and remember where things belong. She’s likely to make lots of friends at work. That could be Ellie’s future too.

    We’re not looking to get her hired right now due to the pandemic. Cases are too high and vaccination rates are too low, especially for a high-risk person. But she’s going to be good at it when the time comes.

    Besides, all lives have intrinsic value. Even if Ellie’s skills end up being less than Katie’s, she still matters. Eugenics is a heartless ideology full of so many unscientific prejudices. Society exists to help people, so what good is it if it excludes some of them?


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